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Hire Me Campaign selected me as one of 30 young professionals for college students and recent graduates to follow on Twitter. I am listed as the “all-around journalist” and am very excited to be included on this list of young professional actively using Twitter to share ideas and connect with the world.

Here is where I am featured:

The All-Around Journalist- Lynn Walsh
Twitter: @LWalsh
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Company: WPTV, News Channel 5,
Her Advice: Loving what you do is more important than anything. Seek out positions and companies you are passionate about and if it doesn’t exist do not be afraid to create it.

The full article is below and can be read here. You can follow all of the 30 young professionals on Twitter by following this list.

“30 under 30″ Young Professional Twitter List

Need some advice from a young professional in your industry? Check out our “30 Under 30″ Young Professionals to Follow on Twitter list!From bloggers to entrepreneurs, teachers to engineers, they’ve all given advice specifically for you – the young student or recent grad starting the newest chapter of your life! Make sure to follow them for industry insight, tips of the trade and of course, to make a connection with someone who has been in your shoes and knows how to get to the next level!

Career Guru- Rich DeMatteo
Twitter: @CornOnTheJob and @BadRhinoinc
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Companies: Founder of Corn on the Job (, a blog for job seekers that has been mentioned as one of the top destinations for generation y professionals. Rich also offers Career Coaching services through Corn on the Job and am the Founder of #JobHuntChat, the first ever twitter chat for the job search. Co-Founded Bad Rhino, a Social Media Marketing Firm in Philadelphia.(
His Advice: “Go to every happy hour you can and make as many meaningful connections at the company as possible. You might only stay for 1-3 years, but your friendships/connections will be just as important, if not more important than the work experience you gain. Start building your network early and you’ll never need to “look” for a job.”

Intern Queen- Lauren Berger
Twitter: @internqueen
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Company: Intern Queen, Inc.
Facebook: Facebook Link
My advice for the transition into the real world: “Ask for a letter of recommendation before the end of your internship. Get the process going about two weeks before your job ends and offer to write the recommendation yourself. Let your coordinator know that you’d love to get a recommendation and convince them by contributing “I’ll write one and you can take a look at it.’” The better support you have through recommendation letters, the more likely you are to secure future positions. And Always remember to give extra effort and send handwritten thank-you notes after your internship concludes. Staying in touch will help you gain and retain contacts throughout your professional career. Email is fine for subsequent contact, but do it three times a year, in the fall, spring and summer.”

PR Pro- Andrea Genevieve Michnik
Twitter:@AndreaGenevieve & @brandkitco
Location: Austin, TX
Her advice:“Be yourself! Find what makes you unique and use that to stand out against other competition. Also, it’s never a bad idea to scoop up your name as a URL- you never know when you’ll need it to build your personal brand.”
The Inventor- Jamie Bowerman
Twitter: @bowhous
Location: Savannah, Ga
His advice: “My best advice is “Never be afraid of failure, I’ve failed hundreds, maybe thousands of times, I don’t let it stop me. Failure is an opportunity to re-evaluate whats working and whats not. When someone tells me something can’t be done, it’s my call to action, not my call to quit. You and you alone determine your own destiny, and you know you best, never let someone else tell you what you can or can’t do.”

The Success Coach – Joel Brown
Twitter: @Addictd2Success
Location: Perth, Western Australia
His Advice: “The secret to living is giving so share your knowledge, find your dream and risk everything to get it. You will never stop learning, the more you learn the more you open your mind to new and amazing opportunities in this world. What does not make sense to you now will be understood when you are ready and you have the knowledge to understand it.”

The Attorney- Dar’shun Kendrick
Twitter: @kendricklaw
Location: Based on Lithonia, GA
Website: Kendrick Law Practice:, and
Her Advice: “Life is about relationships. Make sure that you consistently interact with people that you want to know professionally and that you take initiative on yourself to make connections. Take a potential employer out for coffee or drop a note to someone you would like to meet. Netweaving (not simply networking) is vitally important to any young professional.”

The Influencer- Ricky Figueroa
Twitter: @CEOinfluence
Location: Orlando, Florida
Blog: / Companies: Driven Heart Media
His Advice: “Take ownership and full responsibility for your own outcomes – Do not waste your time going for something just for the sake of money alone. Make sure you have your “WHY” very clear, and a purpose bigger than yourself – It is your fuel, it’s going to kick your butt whenever you feel like quitting.”

The Business Owner- Yuriy Boykiv
Twitter: @bojkiw
Location: New York, NY
His advice: Get an unpaid internship in the company you admire and outwork everyone in your department – chances are, you will get a job after a month or two once they notice your work ethics. Despite the economic slowdown, there are plenty of positions available, but few really good and eager candidates.

Military Insider- Asha Castleberry
Twitter: @ashacastleberry
Location: New York, NY
Company: US Army Reserves
Her advice: “Both college students and recent graduates should invest their time in learning new languages. Learning new languages such as Spanish, French, Arabic and Mandarin (Chinese) provides a competitive edge for more job opportunities both in the private and public sector.”

The Entrepreneur- Tyrell Mara
Twitter: @TyrellMara (also facilitate @TekaraInc)
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Website:, Social Business Consultant at Tekara Organizational Effectiveness (@TekaraInc on Twitter)
His Advice: “We are moving into a time where age, experience, and education, are becoming secondary traits to passion and leadership. Those who are able to leverage our newly connected world to build real relationships, position themselves with the right people, and create a valuable community, will see incredible opportunities, and be the catalysts of change! If you have a dream, the time is now!”

The Rising Star- Emily Hankinson
Twitter @emilyhankinson
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Her Advice: “Learn to maintain work-life balance as soon as you can. It is one of those skills that you can’t afford to pick up later in life, and it will help to make you a better employee, friend, and family member!”

Non-Profit Advocate- Efrem Bycer
Twitter: @ezbycer
Location: San Diego, CA
Website: YNPN San Diego:, Congo Leadership Initiative:
His Advice: “Your network is everything. Build yourself a social and professional network that challenges you to reach your potential and supports you emotionally and intellectually.”

The New Teacher on the Block- Jordan Campbell
Twitter: @j_campbell44
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
His Advice: “Always be yourself. ”
Promotions Director- Lindsey Knupp
Twitter: @lindseyknupp
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Company: Lehigh Valley
IronPigs Baseball –
Her Advice: Don’t be afraid of multiple internships. The “Entry Level Position” for most sports teams is an internship. When job openings arise, many teams will look to their interns to fill the position

Advertising Executive- Max Durovic
Twitter: @AArrowMax
Location: Hollywood, CA
Company: AArrow Advertising,
His Advice: “I think the best time to start a business is when you are young. You are bound to fall and scrape your knee, but you heal faster. As you get older, more variables constrain your decision making and risk taking ability. Entrepreneurship – Just Do It.”

The Engineer- Christina Kach
Twitter: @ChristinaKach
Location: Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Company: Industrial Engineer working at a Government Defense Manufacturer
Her advice for a new grad entering their first “real world” job: “It isn’t all about you anymore. It WAS all about you; your grades, your extracurricular activities, your weekend plans. Now it is about the team, the department success, and the goals of the company. Furthermore, there is no course outline or syllabus of expectations and due dates to help you navigate week to week. It is on you to map those courses on your own.”

The Recent Graduate Life Advisor- Christina Lohman
Twitter: @TheSavvyGRAD
Location: Denver Colorado
Her advice: The best advice I could give to a recent grad is to keep your expenses low and just do what you love. It is as simple and as complicated as that.

The Graphic Artist- Tara Jacek
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Website: &
Twitter: @tajacek @girlseekscareer
Her Advice: Building a career takes patience (ugh!) and the real world is going to change how you think, be open to change but follow your passion. It’s okay if your passion changes along the way. Also, while you are learning about yourself as a worker learn about yourself as a person: take up a hobby, keep learning and/or volunteer. Keep a blog to share your experiences or a good group of friends. Overall, strive to just be happy with yourself!

The Finance Pro- James Herron
Twitter: @JimHerron
Location: Emerald Financial Resources, 1140 Route 22 East, Suite 202, Bridgewater, NJ 08807
His Advice: “Saving is obviously important, whether it’s saving for a car or retirement, it is tough for the younger generation to fathom how much better off you can be when you save but once you do it, you are able to sleep so much better at night. Success is not permanent but neither is failure.”

The Resume Expert- Geoff Coon, MA, CARW, CPRW
Twitter: @MySportsArena President |@ResumePlatform
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Websites: Managing Editor & Executive WriterResume Platform, LLC:
His Advice: “The best piece of advice I can give for aspiring writers and editors is to first determine what types of writing you enjoy, and then determine what types of writing you are good at; they might not be the same. Second, get your foot in the door any way you can. Write for as many outlets as you can, even if the opportunities aren’t paid. Getting published in this industry is key, so if you produce quality work then that opportunity could lead to another opportunity, or at the very least a quality reference or recommendation. Also, if you aren’t published and no one wants to give you a shot, start a blog; get people to read it, encourage comments and build off that feedback. Those samples will be crucial when trying to gain a position as a full-time writer.”

The Tech Guy- Justin Nowak
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Business Website: Personal Blog –
Twitter: @justinnowak
His Advice: Be yourself and try to highlight what is unique about you and sets you apart from the crowd!

The Activist- Hydeia Loren Broadbent
Twitter: @Hydeiabroadbent
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Her Advice: Life does not come with an instruction manual. So often we believe the hard choices we are faced with are new and unique. However, as a 20 something, we are to realize that life is a journey filled with many teachable moments.

The Interior Designer- Jessica Bennett
Twitter: @jbinteriorsinc
Location: Orange County, CA/ Costa Mesa, CA
Website: Jessica Bennett Interiors, Inc.
Her advice: “Cut yourself some slack and understand that the adjustment is just that….an ADJUSTMENT! Everything in your world is changing: you are adjusting to working hours (no more afternoon naps or 2am parties!), to living within a budget, navigating a career and an office environment, and trying to squeeze in all the fun stuff too. Just know that it takes a few months but soon your body, mind, and spirit will adjust to this new, more adult life…and you’ll even enjoy it!! When at work, remember the best start from the bottom up….don’t expect the corner office (or the accompanying paycheck) right away. Be humble and work your ASS off – no matter what the task is! Be the first one in, the last one out, dress like you’re there to kick some butt, have a GREAT ATTITUDE, and it WILL pay off. Good luck!”

The Photographer- Charles Hildreth
Twitter: @hildrethphoto
Location: Denver, Colorado
Websites: or a non-flash based: His Advice: “Be yourself. Let who you are dictate what you will create, artistically, to change your future. Don’t listen to what others think, be your own artistic boss.”

The All-Around Journalist- Lynn Walsh
Twitter: @LWalsh
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Company: WPTV, News Channel 5,
Her Advice: Loving what you do is more important than anything. Seek out positions and companies you are passionate about and if it doesn’t exist do not be afraid to create it.

Fitness Guru- Derek Caffe
Twitter: @derekcaffe
Location: Atlanta, GA
Website: 1., 2.,
His Advice:”Life is not fair, don’t expect it to be. You can either do one of two things: 1. Hope and pray something comes your way. 2. Drag opportunity kicking and screaming to your door.”

The Innovator-Jared Mendelewicz
Twitter: @aktenterprises
Location: Orlando, FL
Website: http://jaredmendelewicz.com
His Advice: “Focus on your experiences. As a leader of a relatively small company, we focus on prior relevant experience first and education second.”

The Blogger with Passion- Kyla Roma
Twitter: @KylaRoma
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Her Advice: Take advantage of the flexibility & freedom you have now, and work hard at the things you’re passionate and curious about. Don’t be afraid to move on from situations that aren’t working for you, and be active in sharing what you love online so creative work opportunities can come to you.

Restaurant Owner- Luke Holden
Twitter: @LukesLobster
Location: New York City & Washington DC
Website: www.LukesLobster.com
His Advice: Use your network, if you don’t have one, make one. Don’t be shy, reach out, ask intelligent questions and follow-up. Follow-up with handwritten thank you notes, personal updates or interesting relevant articles. Be resourceful and persistent.

The Architecture Designer- Brinn Miracle
Twitter: @SimplyBrinn
Location: Houston, Texas
Websites: (website) (blog)Architangent, LLC
Her Advice: Be confident in your abilities and talents but remain teachable; you have much to contribute and much to learn!

The Sharer of Success- Maria Joyner
Twitter: @mariajoynerLocation: Atlanta, GA
Company: Founder of Maria Joyner Photography and Opportunity & Success LLC ( OR
Her Advice: “Unemployment is a state of mind. Be remarkable at whatever you do in life and you will never think twice about the “job market”. Focus on becoming the person you want to be and you will attract opportunity and find success.”

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